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Fair Housing Policy

I aim to be free from bias in the business of real estate and my personal life for that matter. It is not a material fact, any demographic information about a client or potential client. I treat everyone the same regardless of color, ethnic background, sex, handicap, marital status, religion, creed, ancestry, or anything that could possibly be discriminated against. I don’t steer clients of a certain demographic to areas of town that fit their demographic. I show all my clients houses or vacant land as I would show anyone, regardless of the above mentioned classifications. I decide which houses or raw, vacant land to show clients based only on their interests, requirements and or desires in their potential properties. My home and or land search for clients is based on their needs that they have disclosed to me or I have uncovered through a series of questioning.
I keep informed about fair housing laws in order to provide my clients with the best service possible, and maintain a top level of expertise regarding the Palmdale and Lancaster, CA area real estate markets. I love the diversity that we have in the Palmdale, CA and the Lancaster, CA real estate market here. This is very representative of the United States as a whole. Different cultures mixing together and uniting as one. That’s what I love about America, and Palmdale and Lancaster, CA. Our housing is affordable here in the antelope valley. There is a full range mixture of low income and government subsidized real estate along with high end luxury real estate here in Palmdale and Lancaster. We should all be tolerant and accepting of each other no matter what our social situations are and work together to make the Antelope Valley a greater place for our children and future generations to come. Fair housing in Palmdale, CA real estate is evidenced in the demographic make-up of all of our neighborhoods here. One love for all mankind.

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