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Lancaster, California

Lancaster is a sister city to Palmdale and together they are the heart of the High Desert in Los Angeles County. I feel as though Palmdale and Lancaster blur together and to me feel like one big city (Palmcaster). There are over half a million people in our area, even though the populations of Palmlale and Lancaster, California city limits are only a little over three hundred thousand.

The Los Angeles Aqueduct runs through Lancaster and benefits the local community not only by bringing water to the area, but offers a good walking and exercise trail area as well. Not to mention it is always nice to see a little water out here in the desert.

Lancaster, California was the place where aircraft first broke the sound barrier, and of course our community and industry here are largely influenced by the aerospace industry.

The Lancaster Jet Hawks, are our local minor league baseball team. They play their games at The Hangar and I think there is not a bad seat in the house. It’s a relatively small venue so you feel involved in the games just about anywhere you sit. The Jet Hawks are a minor league team affiliated with the Houston Astros. I’m not sure if you would call the Jet Hawks a Farm Team for the Astros or what. This is one of my favorite things to do in our area because it is inexpensive good clean family fun. Grab a hot dog and a Coke and enjoy the game. The baseball experience feels completely different when you have great seats (and just about every one in The Hangar is) unlike going to a Dodgers game where I sometimes have to sit so far away I might as well watch the game on TV. At the Jet Hawks games you can really hear the crack of the bat, and have a fair chance of catching a fly ball. The stadium is Located near the 14 freeway and Avenue I. If you’re in Palmdale or Lancaster do yourself a favor and go check out a game and I think you’ll love it. I’m a real estate agent in Palmdale and Lancaster, at Keller Williams at the Antelope Valley Mall, but I know Lancaster very well also and spend a lot of time working and playing there. Please call or e-mail me for any of your real estate needs.

Lancaster Boulevard has been really spruced up in recent years and is now a really beautiful place. There are farmer’s markets and festivals with live music. Bars and restaurants line the street and offer a diverse selection of fun and food. Street performers, boutiques, and great landscaping make this strip a really fun place to hang out.

The Antelope Valley Fairgrounds is in Lancaster, CA and really gets packed for the annual AV Fair. The fair which goes on in mid August, usually has some big name musicians headlining each year. Off the top of my head the fair is almost two weeks long. Carnival games are always fun to play, and check out a concert for free (or pay for the good seats). I love the livestock there, particularly the pigs which are a meaty and tasty looking animal. They’re so cute I almost don’t want to eat ’em. Or just drink a beer and wander around and people watch. I definitely suggest you check out the AV Fair if you already live in the Lancaster housing area. If you are moving to the area…well then you might need a Lancaster real estate agent like me to help you out!

Another big deal to-do in Lancaster is the California Poppy Festival. If you haven’t seen this one well, you don’t want to miss it. The California Poppy Reserve is one of the most beautiful wildflower exhibitions I have ever seen. Of course the result depends on the weather and whether we have had enough rain preceding the Spring bloom time. Some years are great and some years the bloom can be a bit disappointing but the festival is a blast no matter what. It’s a great place to get out and meet our good looking friends and neighbors, and the ugly ones too:)

I was surprised a few years back to hear that Lancaster was going to start an annual professional go-kart racing event through Lancaster Boulevard. This was great the first year and just keeps getting better. The crowd seems to grow every year, and now it is a multi-day event and isn’t just about the Kart race any more. If you’re lucky enough to own property right close to Lancaster Boulevard, then lucky you because the rest of us have to park and walk from a long ways away. If you want to move closer to Lancaster Boulevard and save yourself the walk, well call me and I can help you find some real estate right near by… or maybe you’re tired of the crowds always making noise around your house, in which case I can help you too:) If you need a real estate agent in Lancaster, CA I’m your guy. There are just over fifty-one thousand housing units for all of us good folks in Lancaster, so I know some of you are moving or at least thinking of moving, so it’s never too early to call a Realtor… I might even help you move:)

If you need a Lancaster CA Real Estate Agent call me and let’s talk real estate.

The zip codes in Lancaster, CA that I serve are 93534, 93535, 93536, 93539, and 93584. Of course if you’re in Lancaster, CA and I missed your zip code I would still be happy to help you also.

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