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I am a Palmdale and Lancaster CA real estate agent helping home buyers to find the perfect property to fit their wants and needs. As a professional Realtor I can sometimes glean information from a home listing that can benefit my buyer clients.  When I represent you, the real estate buyer, you will gain the advantage of my experience and I can sometimes save you money or gain concessions for you that sweeten the deal for you and make your real estate buying experience just that much better.  Everyone knows the saying ‘everything in life is negotiable’ and that certainly applies to real estate.  Real estate is negotiable in several ways, not just money, but also in other concessions from the home seller.  We might want to ask the home seller to leave that new TV that just works perfectly in the room or the refrigerator that fits the unusual space so well.  Buying real estate is complicated enough.  Anything we can negotiate out of the sellers that will make your life a little easier is great.
The Palmdale Lancaster area real estate market is constantly fluctuating.  As a local Realtor I am more in tune with this than you might imagine.  I am always looking at our local Palmdale and Lancaster real estate market data.  I compare the listing prices of real estate to the recent selling prices of comparable properties.  From this I can advise you as to which way the market is swinging.  This could save you thousands of dollars on an average real estate transaction.  The more recent the data the better.  Real estate is a moving target and what homes were selling for two months ago isn’t representative of what’s going on right now.
Another factor I use to possibly help you make the best deal you can is the current turnover rate of real estate.  If houses are staying on the market longer than usual, you can bet that prices will adjust downward in response to this.  ‘Days on Market’ can be manipulated by real estate brokers by removing a listing from the MLS and adding it back in a day or so later.  This makes the home look like the new kid in town.  A lot of real estate agents aren’t sharp enough to catch this one, but I’m no okie from Muskogee:)
I find that many of my Palmdale and Lancaster real estate buyer clients loose touch with value to some extent when they’re financing.  I don’t know if there is a name for this ‘phenomenon’ but I will explain it as best as I can.  I find that it’s much easier for me to spend money on my credit card, than it is for me to purchase the same things with cash.  As a real estate buyer you might be pre-approved for a loan of a certain amount.  It is easy to get caught up in the moment when you find the right home.  Excitement and other emotions might make you want to jump on it, but I will help to keep you in check.  You must walk the line between reason and your emotions.  My Dad has a saying that ‘you don’t want to let your emotions drive, but you also don’t want to stick ’em in the trunk either.’  That’s very applicable here.  Let me help you to save money by making a reasonable offer and playing the real estate game the right way.  Those extra thousands of dollars I can save you will help you somewhere else.  As a professional Realtor, let me do my job and help you negotiate the best deal possible on your Palmdale or Lancaster real estate purchase.
My job as your Palmdale or Lancaster CA real estate agent is much easier if you are up front and honest with me about your financial situation.  I also need in depth detail of your wants and needs in a property.  If you communicate with me fully I can serve you better.  This information can really help me in crafting negotiations that benefit you most.
The thing to remember is that I (Wes Darby) am your Palmdale Lancaster CA real estate agent.  I will be right here with you throughout the negotiation process with the latest information and experienced advice.
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