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Privacy Policy

My Privacy policy addresses the question “What information do I collect and how do I use it?” This privacy policy is for information derived from the website only, not information contained in documentation from real estate contracts or other home purchase paperwork that we complete in the course of a normal Palmdale or Lancaster, CA real estate transaction. Please understand that I will never sell your personal information. I hold my current and potential real estate clients information with great regard for their safety and security. Rest assured that I have your best interests in mind. The agency relationship created by contract, between my Palmdale and Lancaster, CA real estate buyer and real estate seller clients, means that I owe a fiduciary responsibility to you my clients and will safeguard your information to the utmost. I owe you, my Palmdale real estate clients a duty beyond fair and honest dealing.
When you submit your information to the website through contact forms, I need to obtain some of your personal information such as name, phone number, e-mail address, possibly the address of your current Palmdale or Lancaster real estate or mailing address. I will never sell, trade, or rent the personal information you give me to anyone else for any reason.
I must, and do provide aggregate user metrics to my third party marketing agencies for the purpose of improving the website user experience. This in no way means that I am letting out your personal information though. The information disseminated to the third parties does not include the names and or contact information submitted through the online contact submission forms. The information given to third parties is strictly things like how long certain visitors to the website were on each page, and the website as a whole. We track what search terms were used to find the website and which buttons or website pages each user clicked on thereafter, and for how long they were on each page. User metrics are simply an important part of me helping to improve your user experience and interface with the website. It is ultimately my goal to get you the information that you are searching for as quickly and efficiently as possible. We all dislike spam (myself expecially) and excessive computer tracking and I respect that, and would never do to someone else what I wouldn’t have done to myself. The point of my website traffic tracking also known as user metrics is that I never give out any information that could identify you personally.
I use the personal information that you submit to me only for the purpose of helping you with the Palmdale or Lancaster, CA real estate interest you have. I keep track of what your interest is by entering into my secure computer system, your personal information such as name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and any other contact information. I couple the contact information with specific details of your property searches and requests. I can send you listings of homes or properties that you are interested in, by automated messages. If I know you are looking to buy a three bedroom, two bathroom house on the west side of Palmdale, and in the Rancho Vista neighborhood near the golf course for example, I can have my computer system automatically e-mail you new listings from the MLS immediately when they come on the market. This is just good business and if you are in the real estate market for such a property, I’m sure you wouldn’t find this a bother. Any time you wish to opt out of my e-mail marketing campaign that you may be in you can click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the e-mail and you will not receive any further communication from my automated system.
I use “cookies” to collect information to better your website experience and for the benefit of all users of the website. Cookies are small files that I transfer to your computers hard drive in order to track your interaction with the website. This enables me to see areas the site might need improvement or expansion and allows me to give you what you come for. This is pretty standard stuff, it’s not like I’m installing spyware or malware onto your computer. You can stop allowing cookies to be collected by going into your web browser settings and selecting that you do not want to accept cookies. Many websites do this and that’s why you might notice that websites you have visited in the past and clicked on, are highlighted in another color, usually purple instead of blue. The use of cookies benefits you in that you can find your way back to places or websites that you have been on in the past, like breadcrumbs, so cookies can benefit you and I do not suggest that you remove this feature from your browser, as it can be useful.
This website and related content regarding Palmdale real estate is intended for an adult audience eighteen years of age and older. We ask that no minor submit personal information to the website contact forms. If a minor has to your knowledge submitted personal information to our site and is therefore in our database and tracked for marketing purposes please bring that to our IT departments attention so we may promptly remove their information from our database. Any minor is permitted to use our website but we encourage parental supervision or permission in case we use adult humor and language that may not be appropriate for younger audience.
By using our website you are agreeing to the terms of this privacy policy. We will always keep this policy updated with any relevant information affecting the security and or dissemination of your personal private information.

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