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Real Estate Agent Leona Valley, CA 93551

Real Estate Agent Leona Valley CA  93551

I am a resident and real estate agent in Leona Valley, CA and would love to work for you and help you if you have any real estate related needs in the area.  I live on Bouquet Canyon and know our area well and love it here.  I know what’s going on locally in the community and can inform potential real estate buyers or sellers of anything important or interesting going on in Leona Valley or the surrounding areas.

Leona Valley is just about eight miles from the City of Palmdale, CA yet has a completely different feel.  I love the relaxed energy and country feel of Leona Valley, and we are very well located in close proximity to Palmdale and of course Los Angeles.  Our area is best known for our agricullture (and I have a cherry orchard myself).  I feel that it’s a very natural thing to live among an orchard and agricultural community and that is to some extent how life is supposed to be lived.  In nature among fruit bearing trees etc.. so many people seem to have lost touch with nature, but not us in Leona Valley!  We have many cherry orchards that are open to the public, and for about a month during the summer, Leona Valley is crowded with tourists from Palmdale and far beyond.  I am often surprised at how many people from far away places seem to light up when I tell them I’m from Leona Valley, because they know the area for the good time Leona Valley cherry picking and family experiences they have had here.

I feel like Leona Valley is quite lush for being so close to the Mojave Desert, and our area must suck all of the moisture from the air just before it gets to Palmdale and the vegetation turns to golden brown so quickly.

Leona Valley, CA Real Estate Agent

The beautiful orchards and vineyards in Leona Valley, California really give our area a relaxed agricultural feel.  Every year Leona Valley has a Cherry Parade, which is a lot of fun for all.  Residents and people from all around the area line the streets, and local businesses create some elaborate “floats” to entertain the crowds.

Leona Valley has a local newsletter called the Cherry Chapters and keeps us residents in the know of local events and news.  The Mountain Yodeler is another that’s delivered to my mail box and is a more substantial, almost newspaper that comes for free.

Lake Hughes and Lake Elizabeth as well as Green Valley and Palmdale / Lancaster are our immediate neighbor communities.

I am a resident of Leona Valley, CA 93551 and own my real estate here.  It is a wonderful place to live.  If you are looking for a real estate agent Leona Valley CA I hope to hear from you.

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