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Palmdale Facts and History – Real Estate Agent Palmdale CA

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Palmdale, CA is a beautiful place that over one hundred and fifty thousand of us call home. If you need a real estate agent in Palmdale, CA please give me a call, I am a local full-time Realtor. We are located in the High Desert, far north LA County and are just about a fifty minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. We are in the Antelope Valley which divided from LA by the San Gabriel mountains. The greater Palmdale and Lancaster area has over half a million residents who are a great representative of the demographic mix of the United States in general. The Los Angeles Aqueduct System runs through Palmdale and makes for a nice view of some water (besides Lake Palmdale) in this desert we call home. There is an excellent walking path or trail along the aqueduct and I think it feels like a natural swamp cooler on the trail from that cool water evaporating into the air.

Palmdale, CA is now known as the aerospace capital of America. The aerospace industry is our largest employer here, with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and more. You can see amazing aircraft being flown around our area regularly such as the Stealth Bomber. Edwards Air Force Base is here, which makes me feel safe to have military presence here. There was at one point a regional airport here in the City of Palmdale, California but it has since been closed. How handy would that be if we could get commercial flights here some day. Nor more trips to Burbank or LAX for us:)

Palmdale has many great amenities. If you have health problems or ever have a medical emergency come up, we have our own massive medical facility. Public transportation is well designed here. We have great commuter options for those who work in LA or beyond. There are trains and busses that connect us to the LA basin and make your commute much easier. I have heard that we Palmdaliens (if that is the correct term for us, who live in Palmdale) have the longest average commute time of the entire United States:( So, read the paper, or catch up on work, on your way to work and let the public transportation work for you. Of course there is a park and ride, or ride share on Avenue S just off of Tierra Subida if you prefer to commute by car.

Palmdale has many great public parks with soccer fields, barbecues, basketball courts, children’s play areas, community rooms, kitchen facilities, picnic tables, swimming pools, recreation centers, restrooms, skateparks, socc fields, softball and baseball fields, playfields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and walking / jogging paths. The Palmdale area tax base maintains these parks in great condition. I myself love to make use off these parks by playing all sorts of sports there and my favorite… just hang out on some lush green, well maintained grass. If you have ever been to the Palmdale Amphitheater you can’t help but feel like you are in a little oasis in the middle of the Desert with that lush grass there.

You have to love the Antelope Valley Mall for all of the great restaurants around its perimeter, and of course the great shops within. There is new construction going on at the mall. A new addition of a Dick’s Sporting Goods and extra retail space makes me feel optimistic about the future growth and development of Palmdale, and real estate is closely related to the commercial retail growth. Our Keller Williams Palmdale, CA real estate office happens to be at the Antelope Valley mall so I spend a lot of my time around there. Stop in and see me (Wes Darby) some time or call me and let’s talk real estate.

Navigating your way around Palmdale, CA is a simple endeavor. New residents of the area will quickly figure out that our city is a perfect grid. The streets / avenues are numbered or alphabetized. You will have the city “wired” in no time at all. Palmdale has a fair amount of recreational and cultural establishments around town but if it’s not enough for you, drive to LA under an hour away and enjoy world class…anything you want!

Our climate here is right up my alley (because I really enjoy hot weather). Since we are in the High Desert here in Palmdale, our day and night temperatures swing dramatically. Unlike the LA Basin or “the Valley” it actually cools off here at night after a long hot day. Of course that does work the other way also and the weather gets very cold here in the winters as well and we occasionally see snow. One distinctive weather pattern we have here is wind. it seems pretty constant to me. In the summer that hot air blowing in your face can feel like a blow dryer:) When I play golf which I do often, the wind is a huge factor (so I have a big edge when the big city folk come out here to play me).

As a real estate agent, not a historian I am not going into great depth about the history of Palmdale here but I love the story of how the first settlers to come to what is now Palmdale, CA. The settlers were going west toward the ocean and knew that they would see palm trees when they got near the ocean, but never having seen a proper palm tree before they mistook our Joshua trees for palm trees, and so our city eventually became known as Palmdale.

The zip codes I serve in Palmdale, CA include but are not limited to: 93550, 93551, 93552, 93553, 93536, 93543, 93590, 93591, 93592, 93597, 93598, and 93599. Of course if I have missed your zip code and you’re in Palmdale don’t let it hurt your feelings, I would still be happy to help you.


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