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As a seller, you can “ask” whatever you want for your Palmdale, CA real estate. It would be ill advised to be unreasonable though. You’re selling your house for a reason. And I know that once you’ve made the decision to sell you want it to happen quickly. I can work up a price at which your house will sell quickly, and also put the most money in your pocket possible. You might want to sell your house quickly so you can buy real estate somewhere else, or a bigger house in Palmdale. Whatever the reason you are selling your real estate, I know that you have significant financial resources tied up in it. I will get you top dollar for your home, and make the transaction happen as quickly as possible.

When you tell me you want to sell your Palmdale real estate, I get to work on a comparative market analysis (CMA) for you right away. The Palmdale real estate market fluctuates rapidly. I will compare what homes similar to yours have recently listed and sold for. I make adjustments for differences in value of comparable properties. For example if a highly similar home to yours had a swimming pool and yours doesn’t then I subtract the value of the swimming pool from the comparable property. I want to make it as comparable to your home as possible. I need to do this because recent sales are more important for value comparison than two properties being exactly alike. The Palmdale real estate market is a moving target and home sales values six months ago for example aren’t much good to us.

After I have worked up a CMA for your Palmdale real estate we then come up with a listing price that will position your house properly in the market. We really want to get this right. If we price your home too high, then it will tend to hang around on the market. That’s not good because home buyers and their Realtors are aware of this and will discount their offers accordingly. If we price your house too low, well you don’t get all the money you deserve. We might get a quick sale in this situation but you are leaving money on the table. I will make sure we get the list price of your home right, so your property sells in a reasonable time frame and for the most money possible.

The Keller Williams team and I, in Palmdale, CA are experienced real estate agents. We will be very careful and detailed in our market analysis to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table or have your house go stale on the market. Our home valuation process is much more involved than I describe here but you get the general idea. I know you have many choices when picking a real estate agent in Palmdale and I would appreciate your confidence in letting me be the one to sell your house.

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