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As a professional Palmdale real estate agent, I know well that many transactions fall apart after the inspection process. As a seller you might have known about some issues or not, but if something comes to light, you can bet that a real estate buyer will try to negotiate the corrective repairs out of you. I try to prepare you for this in advance, but sometimes my seller clients aren’t aware of issues so we leave little wiggle room in the listing price of the home. Real estate has a lot of working parts, so there’s a lot that can potentially go wrong. Home buyers are the ones paying for the inspections to be done not you the seller, or I would suggest you do the inspection before we put the house on the market, so we know what issues if any will be uncovered. I will be here to help you, my Palmdale real estate clients, to list your house appropriately to make a successful sale.

It’s one thing for me as a real estate agent to point out cosmetic issues that I see with your house, but some things are not so obvious. I can’t see termites for example, or that the roof leaks. Real estate inspectors are going to be very thorough, looking in every little nook and cranny of your house. They will likely uncover something(s) that you weren’t aware of. Sometimes a single home inspector will inspect all of the systems of the house. If a buyer wants a more thorough inspection of the real estate done, they will sometimes call in experts in various specialties. Plumbers, electricians, roofers, insect exterminators, etc. When they start nitpicking, get ready. In general I try to leave a little room in the listing price so you have a little room to negotiate when these things come to light. As I said, a lot of Palmdale real estate transactions fall through after the inspections are done. This is sometimes because the buyer makes a discounted offer to begin with, which you the seller accept. At this point, you have already discounted the property before the inspection results come in. When the inspector uncovers an issue and the buyer wants further concessions, we have nowhere to go. I am well versed at real estate negotiations and will not let you down this road if I can help it. Always be thinking that the buyer will be sticking their hand out after inspections. I know it’s tempting to celebrate when you get an offer on your Palmdale real estate. My advice is don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

As a professional Palmdale Lancaster real estate agent, I can help you list you home for sale at just the right price. We will be competitive in the market but be able to negotiate from a position of advantage should negotiations even arise. I have a list of trusted contractors that can help make any repairs at fair prices. I’m not ‘in bed’ with any of them, it is just in my best interest to get your repairs done at a price you can stomach, so we can successfully close your Palmdale real estate deal.
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