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I’m a Realtor at Keller Williams Palmdale real estate brokerage. My clients are most concerned with the bottom line and successful closing of their property. That’s my biggest concern as well, but I have a lot of steps to take in order to get us there. I am working behind the scenes for my Palmdale real estate clients all of the time. Many of my friends and real estate clients think that my job as a Realtor is simple, until I start describing some of the tasks required in almost every real estate transaction. Once a purchase contract is signed for your Palmdale real estate, I have deadlines and a big checklist of things to do, and documents to process. As a Palmdale real estate broker I coordinate everything for you my seller client and facilitate a smooth transaction.

When you sell your Palmdale real estate with me as your agent, I deal with all the details of the transaction for you. Once we get an offer, I start working with the title company to make sure that all the paperwork gets started and back to us as quickly as possible. This is usually painless and I don’t see many issues arise. Once in a while, I have a seller client who bought their Palmdale real estate with a former spouse or they have been widowed and we have to work to get the title transferred properly in their name alone. In the case of the divorced, single owner, title companies require what is called a quitclaim deed, which is for you former spouse to sign off or release their interest in the property. In the case of the widowed single owner, the title must first be vested in the name of the single person, before it can be transferred to the new owner/buyer.

While your Palmdale real estate is in escrow, there will be inspectors and appraisers that need access to the house. If you are not living there, I will be at the house to let them in. After inspections I will help you work through any repair requests or checklist items that the buyer has requested if any. Lenders sometimes hold up real estate closings with last minute requirements, I stay in contact with the home buyers agent to make sure we know how things are going and don’t have any surprises. Mortgage problems kill a lot of deals for me at Keller Williams Palmdale Real Estate Brokerage, so I am going to be involved in the buyer’s process to help protect you, my seller client.

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