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real estate market update

As a professional real estate agent in Palmdale, I am more aware of the market fluctuations than you would know. The Palmdale real estate market adjusts to the meeting of supply and demand. Real estate supply and demand are affected by interest rate fluctuations, and inflation or deflation. Of course the supply or number of houses for sale on the Palmdale real estate market is another major factor. Real estate values are a rapidly moving target. If you are listing/selling your house with me I might suggest after a month of being on the market that we make an adjustment to your listing price. Staying current and competitive in the market is of paramount importance.

Sometimes a price adjustment might not be what is needed a month or so after listing. If I recognize for example that you have one of the only houses currently on the market with a swimming pool, I might just change our marketing approach a little bit. In that case I would emphasize in the home description how nice the pool is because that gives us a competitive advantage.

When you list your Palmdale or Lancaster real estate with me I stay on top of it. I am not just going to let your house sit there on the market as we originally listed it. I will pay constant attention and give thought to anything we could be doing better.

If you’re thinking about selling your home in Palmdale or Lancaster, call me and tell me about your property. I will do a preliminary comparative market analysis for you with recently sold comparable properties in the Palmdale Lancaster area (and more specifically your neighborhood). I will need more data to do the best job, but you can begin to see how the process works with just a quick call giving me the basic information about your home. I am a professional real estate agent and I specialize in the Palmdale, California area. I can help you better than most in a real estate transaction in this area. Call me and let’s talk real estate

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