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“Everything in life is a negotiation. Life is what you negotiate out of it.” I’m sure we all know these sayings and more. Palmdale real estate is certainly included. I think it’s human nature that we all want to make our best deal, and feel like we have won. You as a home seller want to get top dollar for your house. Real estate buyers want to pay as little as possible, and get you to throw in the family pet:)

The condition of the Palmdale real estate market has a lot to do with how and what kinds of offers come in to buy your home. In a slow or down market, you can expect that real estate buyers will be low-balling in hopes that you are desperate as a seller and they can score a bargain. Nothing personal, buyers just want to make their best deal also. If I do an excellent job of marketing your real estate, as I usually do, your home should have more perceived value than similar properties on the market. If you get a real low-ball offer, I am great at helping you craft a counter offer that keeps the buyer on the hook. I find it is rare that buyers are unreasonable but they sometimes ‘have to try’ and get your property at a steal. It’s my job as a real estate agent to bring you any and all formal written offers. Even if those offers are so low that they are offensive (that is really rare though).

Listing your Palmdale real estate properly in the first place is key. If I have done my job and come up with a fair market price for your home, it isn’t likely that we will see a low-ball offer. I also factor in human nature when arriving at a proper list price for your property. As a Realtor I almost never see a buyer just lie down and pay the full asking price of the home, and get no concessions. Knowing how negotiations go, I encourage you to add a little wiggle room for negotiation. This way buyers can feel like they got that something extra. And you the seller are happy as well.

Fortunately, distressed properties are fewer and farther between in the Palmdale real estate market today. Foreclosures have slowed and the Palmdale real estate market is on the upswing again. Most of these distressed properties are not really comparable to an owner occupied home anyway. These distressed properties usually require major repairs to get them into comfortable, livable condition again. I estimate that a move-in-ready property sells for twenty-five percent more than your average distressed property. After I’ve done a proper home evaluation of your Palmdale real estate, and we tweak anything necessary, your property should show and sell well.

Depending on whether you are going to be living in the house while it is for sale or not, we might want to ‘stage’ it. Staging is the adding or taking away of furniture etc.. to make the house look most appealing. There are staging companies that at surprisingly affordable prices, will furnish your home with temporary furniture. If you aren’t living in the house and have no furniture, I sometimes suggest that we go this route of staging. A home does tend to show well when it looks lived in. Some buyers have trouble imagining where the couches would be in the living room, or where the TV would be positioned. This can sometimes really help our chances of selling your Palmdale home, and be well worth the cost involved.

You’ve probably lived in your Palmdale real estate for a long while. You have probably known about any problems or issues with your property for a while also. When we get a buyer for your house on the hook, they will likely uncover any issues with the property during the inspection process. Please communicate with me and let me know in advance if you expect any issues to arise after inspections are done. Most of my Palmdale real estate deals that fall through, do so in the inspection phase. We can plan for a buyer to negotiate these repairs out of us by leaving a little room in the listing price. Or you could be preventative and make repairs before a buyer gets the chance to haggle over it.

A key to successful real estate negotiation is to try to keep the buyer in the transaction. If we make an unreasonable counter offer we might offend the sensibilities and scare a buyer away. I do my best to help you craft a counter offer that will save you as much money as possible and keep the buyer on the hook. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. My goal is to get a buyer to the closing table, and you happy with the negotiated selling price of your home. Keller Williams and I have a list of inspectors and contractors that are most likely to give us estimates that make for a successful closing.

If you are selling a home in the Lancaster or Palmdale, CA area then I’m you’re man. I am a Realtor in Palmdale CA and would be happy to talk real estate with you so give me a call, I don’t bite:)

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